Managing change in later life

This webinar identifies the different emotions we may experience when faced with change and provides practical tools to help us manage the different emotions that may arise from this. The webinar is aimed at anyone over the age of 65, although everyone is welcomed to attend.

Often in later life we are faced with various periods of transition. This may include embarking on your retirement or a relocation, experiencing the loss of friends or loved ones, or we may be experiencing changes to our physical or cognitive abilities. All of these can lead to a wide range of emotions. Whilst many changes can be positive and exciting, some situations may be challenging for us. The webinar identifies these different emotions and will provide practical CBT techniques that we can implement in daily life to manage this.

The webinar will introduce techniques based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for managing common emotional difficulties such as worry or low mood. We will also work together to identify what we value in our life and highlight the important role of social connectivity as we grow older. The webinar also includes information for local residents about how to access further support offered by Hertfordshire and Mid Essex Talking Therapies.

Key topics covered:

  • The impact of change in later life: An introduction to the different emotions that may arise from periods of transition.
  • Managing symptoms of common emotional difficulties: A brief overview of the various ways to self-manage low mood or worry in times of change taking a Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) approach.
  • Identifying what we value and how to find enjoyment in activities: An introduction to the importance of values and how identifying our values can help us to make plans and schedule activities that may help to improve our mood.
  • Recognising the importance of social connectedness.

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