Practical support

Whilst receiving support from our service you may also benefit from accessing additional services to help identify practical concerns affecting your mental wellbeing. This could include financial support, employment advice and support with isolation and loneliness.

If your GP surgery is based in Hertfordshire you may be referred to a team of specialist Employment Advisors (EAs) for support with retaining or entering employment.

Employment Advisors

Within Hertfordshire we are able to refer eligible clients to a team of specialist Employment Advisors (EAs).

There is a recognition that there is a link between being in productive employment and improved health outcomes.

Hertfordshire Talking Therapies can refer eligible clients to a team of specialist Employment Advisors (EA’s) to help with employment issues. The service is person-centred with the client’s needs paramount. The main focus of an EA is to provide practical advice and support to enable a client to gain employment, remain in employment or retain their employment.

For example, if you were receiving NHS Talking Therapies treatment for depression related to your work situation, an EA could support with this. They may set small, realistic employment goals to improve your mood and motivation helping with that work situation.

The overall objective is to address the emotional challenges related to your work situation through integrated psychological treatment and employment support.