Care for Carers

This webinar takes a look at the vital service unpaid carers provide, including some of the rewards and challenges they face. It will explore ways in which carers can enhance their own wellbeing, and manage the many challenges they encounter.

This webinar is for carers struggling with the pressures of their caring role. It offers insights into the common triggers and symptoms of carer stress and provides guidance on cognitive and behavioural techniques which you can learn and use yourself to tackle these symptoms.

It includes information about the support offered by Hertfordshire and Mid Essex Talking Therapies for anyone interested in engaging more closely with the team.

Key topics covered:

  • Common carer difficulties: a summary of the typical issues facing carers, including the additional challenges of Covid-19.
  • About CBT: A way to look at emotional distress using the cognitive behavioural model, featuring two case studies: couple Jenny and Malcolm, and siblings Alex and Mary

The CBT toolkit:

  • Increased awareness: Using the CBT model to learn your own patterns of thinking and doing.
  • Self-care tools: helpful behaviours and boundaries
  • Cognitive tools: spotting unhelpful thinking habits, challenging unhelpful thoughts and choosing new, more flexible and realistic ways of thinking. 
  • Behavioural tools: basic self-care – scheduling and time management, diet, exercise, social and family time, SLEEP. 
  • Assertiveness: manage pressure by choosing assertiveness over passive or aggressive responses.

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Self-help videos:

We also have a variety of self-help videos available that focus on a range of topics including stress, sleep, nature and wellbeing, tips for healthcare staff and mindfulness. Click here for more information about our self-help videos.

Please note this video was created prior to our service name change (from HPFT IAPT) to 'Hertfordshire and Mid Essex Talking Therapies'.