Mental health issues are very common – it’s important to remember that you’re not alone and that support is available. In this section you can read short quotes from people who have been supported by our service. 

Throughout your journey with our service we regularly collect feedback via our Patient Experience Questionnaire (PEQ). We collect this information to gain insight in to the care you have received and helps to inform service development. For more information about why and how we collect this information please visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

If you would like to provide feedback at any point during your journey with our service this can be done on our Trust website via the Having Your Say survey. Please click here for more information.

I have had a very positive experience of the SilverCloud programme. It took a lot for me to reach out for help and I was dubious about whether I actually could be helped. The step by step approach really worked for me along with my supporter recommending I spend a bit more time on certain modules when they felt I needed to.

Absolutely amazing, I was sceptical to begin with as I never have had treatment for this. But the staff and everyone in the sessions made me feel so comfortable and I was relaxed at all times. Thank you so much for the service, would highly recommend.

The therapists were very approachable, understanding and helpful and it was really nice to have treatment within a group for a change to share our experiences.

My therapist was absolutely fantastic and enabled me to do things I haven`t for many years. I learnt so much about how my anxiety was keeping me in a cycle and how to use various strategies to break that cycle. It has been absolutely life changing for me. I was so nervous when I self-referred and scared about what it would entail but my therapist made it all approachable and its definitely the best thing I ever did.

Very impressed with how quickly I was processed, was told it was going to be a long wait and it wasn't.  Love the text message service reminder of appointment.  Zoom sessions have worked well too.

My therapist was really knowledgeable, friendly and kind. I felt really supported and the information I received really helped me to understand better about the panic attacks and how to deal with these in stressful situation.

I was extremely adverse to group therapy before I started. However, I gave it a go and found it incredibly helpful. I feel I've made progress in identifying my issue/core beliefs and how to overcome them. I am a work in progress and that is ok!

I have found CBT to be so helpful in helping me deal with postnatal depression and anxiety. I used to struggle through every single day and consequently felt like I couldn't function as a parent. This service has helped me to get my life back and to feel happy again.

It was very beneficial to me to have a safe space where I could talk freely without judgement and feel genuinely listened to. My therapist let me talk as much or as little as I wanted during our sessions and demonstrated a level of empathy and compassion that I`d never experienced before. I was able to set my own goals to work towards and enabled me to achieve these.