Dealing with Depression

This webinar takes a look at the origins and experience of depression. It looks at tools and techniques to help you understand your own feelings and make positive changes.

Depression can be a complex, multifactorial experience with no single cause which explains it. Everyone will experience depression slightly differently, so managing low mood is easier if you can explore and understand your own situation, thoughts and behaviours. 

The CBT view of depression focuses on the interplay between thoughts, behaviours and emotions and the ways in which we can make ourselves feel worse, or better. Managing depression can be as simple as improving your quality of sleep or taking a short walk; or it can include an exploration of thinking habits and their impact on our emotional life.

Key topics covered:

  • Explanations for the experience of depression: there are multiple causes
  • Ways to understand depression: how therapists view depression
  • Behavioural tools: small things anyone can do which will lift mood
  •  Cognitive tools: mental exercises to explore and challenge negative and unhelpful thinking

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Self-help videos:

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