Diabetes and Emotional Wellbeing

This webinar introduces the challenges of living with Diabetes and provides Cognitive Behavioural techniques to improve emotional wellbeing.

‘Diabetes and emotional wellbeing’ is a live and interactive webinar presented by Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, trained in long term physical health conditions, and guest presenters, including Diabetes specialists and experts by experience. The 1-hour webinar provides a space for people living with Diabetes or people who know someone living with Diabetes to ask questions and share comments anonymously. 

Living with Diabetes can come with many different challenges, both physical and mental. This webinar explores the relationship between physical and mental health when living with Diabetes. It introduces Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and explains from a CBT perspective how emotional wellbeing can be impacted when living with Diabetes. The webinar presents different coping strategies based on CBT that can be used to improve emotional wellbeing when living with Diabetes. 

Key topics covered: 

  • The challenges of living with Diabetes: An introduction to both the physical and mental challenges of living with Diabetes and how they impact emotional wellbeing.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): An introduction to what is CBT and how negative emotions, such as low mood and anxiety, are maintained when living with Diabetes.  
  • CBT-based techniques: An introduction to different CBT-based coping strategies to improve emotional wellbeing when living with Diabetes.
  • How to access further support: Additional information on the support available through the Hertfordshire and Mid Essex Talking Therapies service and other services in the area.

Webinar co-presenter for June 12th: Alan Bellinger 

Alan Bellinger is a Trustee of Healthwatch Hertfordshire, a patient representative on the West Herts Diabetes Steering group, and a member of the Hertfordshire Diabetes Conference Steering group. After a successful career working in both training and Information Technology, Alan has become involved in supporting local health issues. Through his work, he’s developed an excellent understanding of what it takes to ensure great patient experience.

As part of his work with the Herts and West Essex Diabetes (HWEDSG) support group, Alan helps run monthly webinars delivered by local experts to support people living with Diabetes. HWEDSG also provide a regular electronic newsletter and a safe support environment. Full details of this group can be found at https://hwedsg.co.uk/. 

If you require any additional support registering for any of our webinars, please email: hpft.talkingtherapieswebinars@nhs.net

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Please note this video was created prior to our service name change (from HPFT IAPT) to 'Hertfordshire and Mid Essex Talking Therapies'.