How to cope with stress

This is an introduction to the topic of stress including some theory, why it occurs and tips on how to manage stress levels.

Stress is not something which just happens to us. Stressful events may be beyond our control but the response we choose is not, and using the right tools and techniques can go a long way towards limiting our experience of stress and helping us stay calm and positive in challenging situations.

During the webinar we will explore how to spot the signs of stress, both physical and emotional, and the long term effect it has on our bodies and our minds.

Key topics covered:

  • About Stress: definitions, ways to think about stress, physiology and common symptoms.
  • Physical and emotional symptoms of stress: learn to recognise how you are affected.
  • Consequences of stress: short and long term impacts.
  • Staying well: tools and techniques to limit stress and feel better.

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Self-help videos:

We also have a variety of self-help videos available that focus on a range of topics including stress, sleep, nature and wellbeing, tips for healthcare staff and mindfulness. Click here for more information about our self-help videos.