Managing Worry

This webinar is for adults that are experiencing worries that may feel unmanageable. It identifies the different types of worry and introduces practical techniques to manage them.

Worry is very common when we feel stressed or find ourselves in a difficult situation. The webinar recognises that worry isn’t an inevitable reaction but something we do, like any other behaviour. Worry can sometimes feel uncontrollable, especially when our thoughts snowball. By beginning to identify the type of worry we are experiencing, we can choose which tools to use to help manage it.

The ‘Managing Worry ‘webinar begins by looking at what worry is and isn’t, it identifies different types of worry and briefly explores what may be maintaining the vicious cycle of worry. It also introduces practical techniques to manage worry and provides information about the available treatment options offered by Hertfordshire and Mid Essex Talking Therapies.

Key topics covered:

  • Why we worry? The nature of worry and why we do it. 
  • What worry is and isn’t: The characteristics of worry. 
  • Tools to manage worry: Practical tips and tools to identify when you’re worrying and how to respond.

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Self-help videos:

We also have a variety of self-help videos available that focus on a range of topics including stress, sleep, nature and wellbeing, tips for healthcare staff and mindfulness. Click here for more information about our self-help videos.


Please note this video was created prior to our service name change (from HPFT IAPT) to 'Hertfordshire and Mid Essex Talking Therapies'.