Mindfulness: dealing with negative thoughts

This webinar explores the evolution of thinking, whether we are able to control what types of thoughts we experience most often, and how to develop acceptance for both pleasant and unpleasant experiences.

Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally, to things as they are.  Mindfulness practice helps us to live more fully in the present moment. It helps us to see more clearly how our mind works.

Mindfulness helps us to relate to our thoughts and emotions in a new way which can lead to a life lived more fully in the present. We can learn through mindfulness ways of being more patient and kind with ourselves.

Regular mindfulness practice can reduce the impact of stress, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, reduce blood pressure, improve physical health and control over negative emotions like anxiety and depression.

Key topics covered:

  • ABC cycle: how our feelings, behaviours and thoughts interact.
  • Evolution and the mind: why do we have thoughts and feelings, and how do these influence our behaviour?
  • ‘Ten deep breaths’ mindfulness exercise: practicing present-moment awareness through focusing on our breath.
  • ‘Observe, breathe, allow’ mindfulness exercise: allowing space for all our thoughts and feelings in our minds and bodies.

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Self-help videos:

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