Living Well with a Long-term Physical Health Condition

This webinar is an introduction to what it means to live with a long-term physical health condition and the ways in which it may take a toll on mental health.

It is very common for your physical health to impact your mental health as we have just discussed and vice versa, our mental health can impact our physical health. 

The Living Well with a Long-term Physical Health Condition webinar is for anyone who has a long term physical health condition. You may have been recently diagnosed or you may be living with your LTC for a long time – this webinar is for everyone regardless of what stage you are at or the difficulties that you are experiencing.

This webinar explores the different stressors that you might experience because of your long-term condition, as well as the impact stress can have directly and indirectly on your long-term condition and emotional wellbeing.

During the webinar we will look at the importance of including pleasurable and relaxing activities to manage stress and explores a range of possible activities that can be tried. In the last part of the webinar, you will be guided through two mindfulness exercises that you can continue to use after the webinar in your own time. 

Key topics covered: 

  • The link between physical and mental health: An overview of the relationship between our physical and mental health and how they can influence each other.
  • The stress response and long-term conditions: An overview of the direct and indirect impact of stress on the experience and symptoms of a long-term physical health condition.
  • Stress management techniques: An overview of different relaxation techniques to manage stress.
  • Mindfulness taster: Two guided mindfulness exercises (Clouds in the sky and The golden ball) that can be used to manage stress.
  • How to access further support: Further information on how to access immediate support during a crisis and how to self-refer to HPFT IAPT services. 

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Please note this video was created prior to our service name change (from HPFT IAPT) to 'Hertfordshire and Mid Essex Talking Therapies'.